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Adrian Flores

In his own words...

Adrian Close"I came from a gang rich city; Richmond, California. Dance and support groups gave me a new outlook and a new life. I have a story to tell, read this book and become enlightened, go through my program and be transformed..."

I met Adrian at my dancing school. He is an instructor there. Over the course of the last few months, we got to know each other at the the dance parties and before too long we learned we both had the same goal in mind - to help children.

Adrian's message immediately made sense to me. Wouldn't it be wonderful if boys and girls learn the rules of dealing with the opposite sex from a very young age? Through dance, boys and girls learn how to respect each other and how to work together. It truly can transform your community.

Adrian Dance

Transforming Your Community Through Dance!

Adrian DanceAdrian Flores, dancer, instructor, and show producer, is an artist on a mission to spread the joy and drama of ballroom dance throughout Walnut Creek and the surrounding East Bay (Bay Area) communities.

He is one of my most talented instructors who helped to make me want to develop the talents hidden within me.

As a goodwill ambassador for Latin, Rhythm, and Smooth ballroom dance, Adrianís full schedule includes reaching out to dancers, instructors, and the public through various dance programs.

Trained in American and International Latin, Rhythm, and Smooth dance forms, Adrian was active in the highly-disciplined world of ballroom competition until 1992, when he earned the title of Theatre Arts Ballroom Dance Champion.

His show productions include San Franciscoís Extravaganza, Adrianís Ballroom Review, Adrianís Ballroom Follies, the Latin Show, and the Swing Era. Adrian teaches privately at SOLAD Dance Center, Diablo Light Opera Company, and other East Bay venues, and is hired for corporate and private parties and classes.

According to Adrian, "If you want to help your neighborhood, you should pick up this book as a guide. We must reclaim our neighborhoods and provide a new blue print of opportunity for our citizens to follow instilling family values, confidence and acknowledgement of our youth. Dance is the vehicle, but the training will address the issues we face as a society and what to do about it. The book can be used as a reference guide to help transform any City. It can also be used as reference material for any parent to develop teams in the home, and for any boss to create teams of employees."

The book can be purchased here:


See his website for more information: http://www.adrianflorespresents.com

Some photos and text from that site and book are used here with permission.