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DanDan Tran

Dan Tran started DanDan Tranballroom dancing during his second semester at San Jose State University when he decided to enroll in a social dancing class. His interest in dance was first piqued when he heard of a chance to audition to be in a tango performance for a high school event. However, he was discouraged from attempting the audition by several classmates. After finally having the chance to try his hand at ballroom, Dan enjoyed the class deeply and decided to move on to pursue a competitive career the following semester.

Dandan Dances with Parner

Despite a very modest upbringing, the demands of college education, the disapproval of certain parties in his life, and a lack of any prior dancing experience, Dan chose to seek out coaching from the best in the field, having moved on to train with international champions, performances in Washington

D.C. alongside world-class choreographers, and winning a national title within just a little over his first year. To further his dancing, he has also sought out teacher training at a local studio under the tutelage of one of the most well-respected dance teachers and directors in the world.

Living His Dreams

While he has only had a very short tenure so far in the ballroom world, within that time he has been able to achieve remarkable results, including the following:
-1st Place Bronze and Silver Category International Latin @ 2009 California State Championships
-1st Place Bronze and Silver Category American Rhythm @2009 California State ChampionshipsDan Awards
-1st Place Pre-Novice Category International Latin @2010 City Lights Ball
-1st Place Gold Category American Rhythm @2010 USA Dance Southwest Regional Championships
-3rd Place Gold Category International Latin @2010 USA Dance Southwest Regional Championships
-1st Place Pre-Novice Category International Latin @2010 San Francisco Open to the World Dancesport Championships
-United States National Gold Amateur Adult American Rhythm Vice-Champion.

When teaching, Dan enjoys challenging his students with creative yet intricate routines that break the mold of what most people perceive as ballroom dancing. Working with private students, it has become a consistent goal for Dan to always make sure that his students not only be able to perform actions they are taught, but that they understand the process, giving students insight pertaining to why dance is to be done a certain way. He believes that passing such information on will not only lead to students developing into good dancers, but will also cause students to become their own teacher, enhancing the learning journey.

In addition to teaching privately, Dan Tran is also the founder and the original team leader for the San Jose State University's Dancesport team, also known as the Ballroom Spartans. His mission in creating the team was to encourage students like himself to pursue competitive ballroom dancing and has succeeded in turning many fresh faces into refined athletes.