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Dennis Akervik Coelho

Dennis first came into formal exposure to Art in boarding Dennis Akervik Coelhoschool in Connecticut. He had a strict German teacher, who let the students explore with many different mediums. There is more than one factor, but that certainly planted the seed.

He is inspired by artists like Van Gogh, Andy Warhol, Picasso, Monet, Peter Max, Jackson Pollock, and a plethora of others. As a matter of fact, he is commonly referred to as a Van Gogh of his time.

He has had studies in anatomy, physiology, and physiognomy, which played a key role in his chosen profession.

While he works primarily in oils, he also works in acrylics, and watercolors. He has also experimented with other things to paint with as he develops new ideas.
Dennis Coelho teaches art
He has done surgical anatomy renderings, from Netter’s Illustrations. He believes that Dr. Netter, was probably the best recorder of surgical anatomical depictions
He is a full-time artist, who also brokers art and is a philanthropist.

Helping Kids to Achieve Their Dreams By Getting Them, and Keeping Them Off the Streets

Dennis is an example of a former gifted child who grew to use those abilities to try to make this world a better place.

He is director of Chad Jase Outreach in Providence, RI. In collaboration with Providenceart investment.com, he runs a multi plat formed mission that includes a residential, on the job training in the Fine Arts for adolescents and youth. He has even helped to put some students through school.