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Diane Portrait

I spent several years of my early life in the Retail Management circus. It wasn't until the birth of my only child that I would become interested in Highly Gifted Children. I became an expert in raising an exceptionally gifted child with a learning disability the hard way - by doing it! So, you might say I went to the school of hard knocks for my degree. And now that my son is full grown, I'm still here fighting for all of those precious little minds that continue to be ignored in our classrooms each and every year.

From the first moment I realized my toddler could read at an adult level, I felt as if I was lost in a maze. And of course I did everything wrong in the beginning. But after a rapid education on the different levels of giftedness, I learned that my son was "Exceptionally Gifted" and needed specialized education in a school district where statistics showed we'd be lucky to find one or two more at his level. I started to fight for my child in the school district and before long I was treated with pure distain by the teachers because "God forbid" I wanted my child to learn "something".  And before too long I was advocating for the whole district.  I soon learned that it wasn't enough for me to have to fight the school system. I also had to fight friends and relatives who all thought they knew more than me what was best for my own son. I listened to everyone but myself in the first years of formal education. But ultimately, I founded the first gifted advocacy group in the West Warwick, RI school district. I worked with politicians, administrators and teachers to attempt to help these children. And many were helped with enrichment and acceleration. But it was evident that my own son didn't fit their model. And the situation was horrible for him

The Fight

When it became evident that my child would have a breakdown if things did not change at school, I braved the inevitable storm of controversy through. I pulled him out of school in Rhode Island half way through the sixth grade and vowed to listen to no one and nothing but my own gut instincts. I promised myself I would not be politically correct and finally did what was right for my own child. I designed my own lessons based on areas of study he really needed while leaving any redundancy alone. But mostly, I just let him take the lead in his learning. I did not waste his time trying to teach him things I knew darn well he already knew. And then he re-entered school for his Junior year of high school in California without missing a beat and graduated with High Honors.

I did things my way. In a time where many of these parents were throwing their hands up and enrolling small children in college, I chose to not take that route. I knew this boy was not socially ready to deal with that. But every child is different. So, I do not judge anyone else's choices.

And Then He Grew

It hass been a long rough road. But if the proof is in the pudding, then my pudding is a happy and well adjusted 24 year old who can spell and write just fine today. I was right all along. My son is a homeschooled success story. It was not a true learning disability because that doesn't ever just go away. It was asynchrony. It was his mind moving way too fast for his little hands to catch up. And now he's in synch. As an Econ Grad who made the Dean's List, he is now on his way to a promising career.

And Through it all I Grew

I am an IT specialist who has done computer repair, software and hardware support, web design and have done all four professionally. I hold an Associates Degree in Information Technology with a concentration in Visual Communications. I am currently enrolled in the BSIT/MVC degree program at University of Phoenix.  12 months  to go...Whew....

 When I am not sitting at a computer I have been known to work with DJs as an assistant and event coordinator.  I have also been an entertainment consultant. Along with being a resource to find great entertainment, I am also a resource for DJs and musicians who hope to improve their craft.

My other interests are ballroom dancing and jewelry design.